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SKC Kragujevac, Interior re-assembling

SKC means Studentski Kulturni Centar, or, you are right, "Student's Cultural Center". And where the students are, there is no a lot of money. So, the whole idea was to make "something" but with a very small cost. If you look at images of previous look of SKC, you wil notice that almost everything stayed the same. The furniture, the chairs....what is new is just one gips-wall and painting the walls, ofcourse.

The Previous look



This one is a very cheap exibition panel, you can make it of few steel pipes and and one wooden front, and few wheels if you want. When it is not exibition time, just roll them to one big structure and that's all!




This kitchen is interesting because of its very small window. Along we the client, we together decided to cover the window hole with kitchen cabinet front. But, why do not to have a window over the window? And also, during the night is makes very romantic scene. "Downslider" you can leave open when you are on the vacation....and you'll have a fresh air in your flat when you come back! Very useful, no doubt...